Purchasing local is the way to go!

We recently had the pleasure of purchasing our hot tub from SunCoast Pool & Spa. Purchasing local is the way to go! We looked at tubs in the city and maybe could have saved a buck or two, but the service we received from Shaun, Maggie and their team far outweighed any tiny savings we might have had on the purchase price.

The tub was delivered by the crew to its final home, which was a bit of a challenge. They never batted an eye, looked for solutions and got the tub in place. The crew was organized and professional and were happy to assist in any way they could. Total install took only a couple of hours and they were here to support us the entire time………after what seemed like forever (a few hours actually) we were enjoying the soothing relaxing hot tub and all the jets massaging those tired bones.

Thank you all for all your hard work and effort, we will 100% recommend your spas and more importantly your excellent service.

Gord, Karen Jake & Cole

(Sunset pictures to follow😁)