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Hydro-Massage Therapy

Rest your body against a gentle massage that is meant to relieve deep tissue muscles. You can move your body side to side or up and down to get a full body aquatic massage.

Swim Spas

CalSpas give you a new level of gentle cardio that will allow you to walk, jog or swim at beginner & advanced levels of resistance. Master the Swim Jet System.

Ultimate Performance

Cal Spas has the most reliable motors in the industry, with less moving parts, these motors feature two independent winding speeds and a reverse-flow cooling system.

Hot Tub Pleasures

We have dramatic cascading waterfalls or vertical fountains, modern Hydrostreamers Plus and our Freedom Sound System with 4 full range waterproof speakers.



Inexpensive & long lasting

Softub hot tub spas are inexpensive and have heaters you can count on. They have an unsurpassed longevity of the motor, as it is a 'water-cooled' system.

consistency & Portable

Your Softub hot tub spa will maintain your desired temperature in all climates year-round. It is portable, weighing as little as 50lbs empty!

Easy to Use & Low Power

Softub hot tub spas plug into a standard isolated 15 amp / 115 volt outlet. No special wiring needed! Softub spas can operate both heat and jets simultaneously.

Efficient & Eco-friendly

Softub hot tubs spas are registered with the NAEC and fall far below the maximum energy consumption allowance. Softub is a name you can count on.



Personalized Massages

The JetPak Therapy System™ allows you to select between up to 18 unique JetPak massages, place the JetPak in your favorite seat, and interchange it at any time.

Reliable Engineering

Your Bullfrog Spa will reliably support thousands of pounds of water. In addition, your base and frame is built without wood or metal, so it will never rot or corrode.

Powerful Hydrotherapy

Bullfrog Spas are built with up to 90% less plumbing than regular hot tubs. Less energy needed to pump the water to the jets = a more powerful massage experience.

Energy Efficient

Less plumbing, a more efficient water delivery system, full foam insulation, and a premium cover keeps your hot tub spa water hot - while saving you money.



BBQ Grills

Cal Flame has introduced many industry firsts that revolutionized the way grills are made and offer design features you expect in a modern outdoor grill.

Fireplaces & Fire Pits

Our outdoor fireplaces add warmth, comfort and nostalgia to any backyard or garden. They'll be a source of elegance and entertainment for many years to come.

BBQ Islands

Each Cal Flame BBQ Island begins with a sturdy metal frame constructed from commercial-grade 16-Gauge Galvanized Steel, and finished in the material of your choice.

Outdoor Entertainment

Outdoor entertainment pieces come with lots of options, such as Big Screen TV wiring, shelving, LED lights, easy access storage & temperature controlled refrigerators.

All of our CalSpas, Softub and Bullfrog Hot Tubs, as well as our Cal Flames BBQ Grills, BBQ Islands, Fireplaces, Fire Pits and Outdoor Entertainment Centres qualify for Financing. Check it out…

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